Friday, September 19, 2008

taking a little break

I've been taking a break from working with t-shirts for a while but hopefully we will get to go to a thrift store/goodwill to get some extra-large t-shirts to use in the fabrication of my creative vision...Meanwhile I (and Andelle, as well, I know that comes out sounding like very bad english) have been watching Lost_in_Austen, a British comedy based on Pride and Prejudice. There are only three episodes out so far...but its a pretty good way to amuse myself (and get my Austen-fix, which I have been lacking lately, wait no, we watched Clueless last week).

And no mom, before you even ask, I have not been watching this instead of doing my homework.

maybe some t-shirt inspiration will come of this?!?

1 comment:

Elle said...

OMG lost in austen... wasn't expecting the thing ...or anything it was FAB. ^_^