Sunday, August 31, 2008

The official rules?

Here are the rules we were discussing on the car ride back to NJ (I know my mom posted some below...)

1. I've heard it said that outfits must be 50% used t-shirt. So from this I'm coming to the conclusion that the other 50% could be any fabric or material at all.

2. Following from that...accessories and shoes and such can be anything...and I'm assuming shoes can just be whatever ones we have.

3. Will there be one or two categories? Are there enough participants for 2? We were discussing ideas and my mom seemed to be thinking a lot more "high fashion" whereas I was thinking of things I might actually wear in public.

4. Judges? Gangang and Chris? And someone else?

5. People are allowed to exchange ideas and my mom pointed out, on "Project Runway," they are all working in the same room.

6. Will we be forced to do a runway walk?!?! And what are the prizes? (innes asks)


What, How, When, WHy?

tara will fill this part in...

we need to know the rules:

materials: used t shirt
question? what percentage non-t shirt is OK?

style parameters?
questions: will there be different categories of entries, such as: classic, high fashion, "rad/fierce"

question: can we designate another as a model, or do we have to wear the damn thing ourselves?