Sunday, November 30, 2008

puppet noir

macabre but oh so entertaining.... I watch all the episodes back to back.

ETA- Do not click play if you are easily offended.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

the next challenge

puppet for Pops and Gangang's 60th anniversary party in May!
Puppets can be made out of anything (except for another puppet) and as of now have no size limits.
The challenge, when we all meet, is to put on a show with the puppets we have.
Who's organizing the calendar? I have collected pictures from Hallie, Innes, Pops, and Lona. I can send candidate photos to whoever that luck person is.

Still more...

I am currently uploading all (166) of the pictures Guy took last night on to my Flickr account. Just let me add you as a friend to see them ( I think my user name is PiriTrinnes). I have unlimited file space for pictures, so if you want yours on Flickr, feel free to send them to me.

Friday, November 28, 2008

...and more pictures

enough for now!




first batch of photos...


the judges were SOOO good... we're are going to post our best pictures, but here are the winners:

Most innovative: Lona for the "red and White" children's design

Kinkiest Award AND transcending the nature of the tshirt design: Lynnis for Lynux Tux Redux

Haute Couture Award: Ysa for "image manipulation" design

Best accessories AND fashion visionary aware AND Best use of tshirts: Lona for "evening wear for when the rainbow is enuf"

Best crowd-pleaser AND Most Fabulous: Lona for "come on baby light my fire"

Move and Grooves award: Lynnis for the "all season hula wear"

Hobo Chic award AND Maintaining the essence of the tshirt award: Haven for "second chances"

Most mismatched AND most Retro: Innes for "mall mutation"

Historical Reference AND historical interpretation: Innes/Charles for "literary aspiration"

Transcending Tshirts: Tara for "sad mariachi"

Funky Chic award: Innes for "crustacean inspiration"\

Best evening wear and Classiest award AND Best Model: Hallie for "bewitching dress that defies description

Most Elemental: Lona for "maternity weare "cow scape"

Best Day Wear: Piri for "patchwork pizzazz"

Most likely to scare off evil spirits award: Andelle for "Aged Rocker"



10, 9, 8, 7, ...

the final countdown! see everyone SOON!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Haven's Final Entry

Second Chances: Just of bunch of old, favorite t-shirts cut and sewn together with no special color scheme.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


tara says you can come earlier if you like, but THE WALK is at 6 pm. spaghetti dinner also provided!

you might want to birng your PRIZES/AWARDS in a simple gift bag--we have one donated by a friend (a follower) labeled "MOST MIS-MATCHED"


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Tara is wondering if we should have the party earlier, since we scheduled it at 6 since we thought Lona had to work.

Lynnis's Final Entry

Lynux Tux Redux - Formal menswear reinterpreted with a saucy twist.

Piri's Final Entry

I guess you all beat me, since I only have ONE entry -
Piri's Patchwork Pizzazz - Casual summer dress, accentuated with fun, colorful patchwork.

Monday, November 24, 2008

official entries

well, i can't top lona's FOUR ENTRIES, but the competitive spirit spurred me on to finish these:

  1. crustacean inspiration: AKA the carapace dress multi-layered asymetrical design for casual wear (modeled by moi)
  2. literary aspiration: prompted by our latest TV obsession "Slings & Arrows" (seeking model--could even be male, but not too tall or wide...)
  3. mall mutation: bordering on boring, but, oh, the accessories! (modeled by me, if i can't talk anyone else into it...)

Final entry

Wow, this blog keeps beating out all the others in my Google reader-- lots of posts! My turn, I guess. I loved that people had names for their items so I did my best. After all, titling is the best part of the creative process, right? For the show I'll be modeling the Rock Show Mini Dress and Sew What? Shrug, bundled up for the cold weather with the Lifesaver Jacket and Wooly Wrap-Around Boots, and topped off with a flower headband. Most of the pieces have been in the blog already, but the dress is a surprise! It's actually one of my favorite items in the summertime. See you all soon!

ETA: Do we need themes? I think mine would be catalog knock-offs, since most of what I make is inspired by envy and poverty. Maybe my theme is po/en/v/ert/y.