Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Has anyone else other than me still not done anything? All I did was draw my design and buy tshirts. I'm having trouble starting. :(

Maybe we should have a sewing party???


Piri Jenkins said...

I am only slightly ahead of you. I think a sewing party is a great idea, I can't seem to get anything done on my own. It really seems like a contest between Hallie, Innes and Lona.

Innes said...

eek! i hope not! i think we got an early start, but i have done nothing for WEEKS! plus, each of the things i've posted really are the result of only an hour, more or less, of sewing.

it does help that there's a laundry basket of old tshirt permanently parked in the dining room, and that the sewing machine is always out...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Haven said...

A sewing party sounds like fun!