Friday, October 31, 2008

pleated skirt?

has anyone ever sewn one? i kind of want to try making a pleated skirt/dress but i'm not sure how the waistband would work. how do pleated skirts usually close??
i suppose i could always just make it like a kilt, then i wouldn't have to worry about it as much...
28 days!


Lynnis said...

I think they usually have kilt type pleats, like folded and sewn together at the top. The waist band is finished by folding a strip of fabric in half on the top of the skirt, w/ the rough edge folded/ironed/sewn down. I'd opt for zipper close. Sorry that explanation wasn't helpful at all. turn to google.

Piri Jenkins said...

28 Days! Oh dear, I really need a babysitter. I did *start* my boho-t-chic skirt, but its far from finished.