Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy new year!

here is what i did today since we had no school. (don't mind my face in the pictures, please)

meet bertha

meet the latest member of the family. it's already inspired two other designs besides this number...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby wear

I am trying to get my children's wear line away from the refugee look so I did this one for Linnea. She was not around to model it so it is shown on a substitue model. Hopefully, the real model will improve the look!

100 No-Sew Ways to Wear a Mickey Mouse Tee-Shirt?

Playing with an Extra-Large Mickey Mouse t-shirt we got at a rummage sale made me think of this spectacualrly long name for a book. Whaddaya think? (Above are Mom's designs, below are mine)

The judging

Chrissy gave me this idea for the judging:

SO last year!
(0 points)
(3 points)
(5 points)
MaterialsWhere's the tee?Mostly tee shirt - some materials questionableAll recycled tees - eco conscious all the way!!
DesignCliche, ordinary, ehh.....Cute, wearable, mass-appealStraight from Paris -- haute-couture!
PresentationWho? What? Why?Like, okay, not bad...Hot, HOt, HOT!!
ThemeNo discernable theme - boo!Nice idea - keep working it!!Original, fresh, inspiring!!!
P.R. ScriptBo-o-o-oring!You go girl!Hot, awesome script!
Magazine SpreadYou'll never make it!People magazine will love you!Vogue, here you come!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

design evolution


faux vest

i was originally going to make a vest but i had a few issues so it ended up being a vest/top. the buttons are just decoration.

Friday, September 26, 2008

SOMEONE ought to try this...

Turn a plain T-shirt into a high fashion wrap top, lickety-split.

Wrapping is a big component of this summer’s fashion look. If you have a plain cotton T-shirt, you can have a hot fashion item in no time.

STEP 1 Cut up center front to within 5cm (2 in.) of armhole.

STEP 2 Fold in half along center back and center front. Cut a diagonal line as shown in diagram. Cut removed section in half along center back fold line to create two ties.

STEP 3 With right sides together, stitch short edges of one tie diagonally across bottom of one point at bottom front of T-shirt . Repeat with second tie.

STEP 4 Zigzag-stitch all raw edges; turn under 1.5 cm (5/8 in.); topstitch.

To wear, cross ties at the front, wrap around to the back and secure in a snug knot.

CREDITS: http://wkdesigner.wordpress.com/2008/03/05/t-shirt-with-a-twist/

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I make blog !!!!

because i can


Finally in the game!

I went to the salvation army and got my T Shirts today! I score 2 black with cheeky logos and 1 plain black. I also got two white 3XL AT&T long sleevers that look never worn. I lost my ID badge there but I called and they found it! Losing it was 30 minutes after having found it after being lost for 2 weeks under my desk. I must be more together... Does anyone have any secrets to getting organized?

Thinking, but not doing

I've been thinking a lot about doing some more T-shirt reconstruction...I've noticed no one else has posted anything in a while either...hmmm...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For Austen Maniacs

Link for the episodes of Lost in Austen episodes. It may be strange but it is funny so if you have the time please watch.
Click here

trying different techniques...

1. a gathered sleeve
2. slashed neckline (note the logo)
3. tshirt fringe (ignore the muffin top)
4. knotted fringe

i think i'm done for the day--innes

the things you find at goodwill

I tested out one of my designs today with 2 identical dark red XL tshirts from Goowill. They are inside out because they had writing on the back. The concept worked pretty well, except the low waist is even lower than I wanted it to be.

the process...

the concept:

hallie models...

mom adds an extra layer...


we scored a size 5XL tshirt at goodwill this morning, along with a bunch of 3X-ers. now i can start work on that hoop-skirt design...

Friday, September 19, 2008

taking a little break

I've been taking a break from working with t-shirts for a while but hopefully we will get to go to a thrift store/goodwill to get some extra-large t-shirts to use in the fabrication of my creative vision...Meanwhile I (and Andelle, as well, I know that comes out sounding like very bad english) have been watching Lost_in_Austen, a British comedy based on Pride and Prejudice. There are only three episodes out so far...but its a pretty good way to amuse myself (and get my Austen-fix, which I have been lacking lately, wait no, we watched Clueless last week).

And no mom, before you even ask, I have not been watching this instead of doing my homework.

maybe some t-shirt inspiration will come of this?!?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Own Blog

I decided to make one so I wouldn't be left out. http://havensharbor.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

allow me to be off topic for a second...

I figured that since this blog actually gets read, I'd be more likely to get a response here than on the Carlson 60th blog.
So I emailed the Cacapon resort and they said they have had large family groups come before but they didn't say anything else helpful...but they gave me a number for someone who might be helpful if we want suggestions or whatever. So what are everyone's feelings about Pops and Gangang's 60th, as of late? I talked to Pops and Gangang briefly about it and they said this place looks good, it would probably be short (like 3 days I think), and that the beginning of August would probably work best. Here is the link again if people want to refresh their memories about it. Please just post general thoughts/ideas I know I've asked this before but I think we should probably start doing actual planning, not just theoretical stuff.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

for your inspiration...images from ny fashion week 2008

My excuse for not sewing today...

Lets see... today I had math team and an economics test to study for...and had to take a practice SAT test..

hey at least i have excuses..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog Envy

I am so jealous of everyone's blogs so I decided to start one myself! View my blog: High On the Hog

Check out my paintings blog

Off topic! Note to Haven: Posting here was so easy, I decided to make a blog of my painting progress. I have an art show scheduled for Nov. 2009 and figure I need about 20-25 paintings. The blog will record my race to finish: lonapaintings.blogspot.com. Hmmm, maybe the t shirt contest will be fodder for some art...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

lookee what i got on ebay...

now we have an advantage! hee-hee

Loreal Paris and Tresemme Hair Salon

Please read my comment on Andelle's post ("I sort of did something...Yeah?!) and post your thoughts on what we should do for a makeup room and hair salon. I think assigning each person/family a category might be best (as discussed in my comment)...

EDIT: I'll make this easier for people. This was my comment re Andelle's question:
here is my theory re tresemme hair salon and leoral paris makeup room: before coming to maryland i will go to target and purchase some things (so far I want to buy brightly colored eye shadow) and I guess everyone else should do the same. maybe we should come up with a list of stuff we want (hairspray, hair-ties, eyeshadow, lipstick, whatever) and assign people stuff. what do you think?

make more sense now, andelle?

Lost in Translation

it looked so good in the sketch....this project is going to be a lot harder to pull off than i thought!


PS i coaxed hallie to try it on...it looks better already!

I sort of did something...Yeah!?

I sort of have a plan.... the sketches are almost done i have to make it more... fitting to my inspiration which is a witches hat ( ooooh intriguing no?). I am going to make it a dress/skirt thing with a regular shirt that at the bottom of it has the vertical stripes. Sort of what hallie's pictures looked like but much shorter. that will go into the skirt except that has diagonal like stripes because... I want to. Then i want to make a vest and gloves because I can ^_^

...so i have one quesiton
Are we going to get a Treseme Hair salon how is the make up thing going to work?

Friday, September 12, 2008


we're not letting a new school year and regular work weeks interfere with the creative process, are we???

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hallie beavers away...

testing out a design idea, hallie used what she called the undesirable-colors of tshirts. looks pretty good to me!