Saturday, September 20, 2008

For Austen Maniacs

Link for the episodes of Lost in Austen episodes. It may be strange but it is funny so if you have the time please watch.
Click here


Innes said...

almost through episode 1 and i love it! do you know if it's available on DVD?


Piri Jenkins said...

I quite like the show, but I don't like how Wickham is turning out to be a good guy!

I don't think it is available on DVD yet, Netflix has no record of it.

Hallie Jo said...

Its on tonight in england so you should be able to watch the 4th episode online tomorrow.

Innes said...

i haven't met wickham yet! i turned it off just when miss price blurted out that she couldn't dance with bingley because darcy had already asked her to dance...that was too much for my brain to process late at night...i look forward to meeting wickham!