Tuesday, September 2, 2008

fortune cookie wisdom

"simplicity and clarity should be the theme in your dress"


Lona said...

I think there should be enough prize categories so that every participant ends up with a prize (like in pre-school). I imagine something like:
Most haut couture
Most creative
Best sportswear
Best demonstration of Technical superiority....

Hallie Jo said...

most wash-n-wearable
best use of elastic
special award for use of vintage graphics
Most tshirts used
Least tshirts used

maybe this can be pops's forte...thinking of the categories?

Piri Jenkins said...

Most likely to be worn in public
Best evening wear
Best use of color

Lynnis said...

Least likely to be worn in public
best interpretation of grunge
Most innovative secondary purpose (i.e. built in burp cloth on shoulder)

I am going to have to get to the thriftstore! Brian says his are off limits :/