Sunday, September 14, 2008

I sort of did something...Yeah!?

I sort of have a plan.... the sketches are almost done i have to make it more... fitting to my inspiration which is a witches hat ( ooooh intriguing no?). I am going to make it a dress/skirt thing with a regular shirt that at the bottom of it has the vertical stripes. Sort of what hallie's pictures looked like but much shorter. that will go into the skirt except that has diagonal like stripes because... I want to. Then i want to make a vest and gloves because I can ^_^ i have one quesiton
Are we going to get a Treseme Hair salon how is the make up thing going to work?


Hallie Jo said...

here is my theory re tresemme hair salon and leoral paris makeup room: before coming to maryland i will go to target and purchase some things (so far I want to buy brightly colored eye shadow) and I guess everyone else should do the same. maybe we should come up with a list of stuff we want (hairspray, hair-ties, eyeshadow, lipstick, whatever) and assign people stuff. what do you think?

Elle said...

ok that makes more sense then what you said in the official post

Hallie Jo said...

fine i'll post it up there too