Sunday, September 28, 2008

The judging

Chrissy gave me this idea for the judging:

SO last year!
(0 points)
(3 points)
(5 points)
MaterialsWhere's the tee?Mostly tee shirt - some materials questionableAll recycled tees - eco conscious all the way!!
DesignCliche, ordinary, ehh.....Cute, wearable, mass-appealStraight from Paris -- haute-couture!
PresentationWho? What? Why?Like, okay, not bad...Hot, HOt, HOT!!
ThemeNo discernable theme - boo!Nice idea - keep working it!!Original, fresh, inspiring!!!
P.R. ScriptBo-o-o-oring!You go girl!Hot, awesome script!
Magazine SpreadYou'll never make it!People magazine will love you!Vogue, here you come!


Innes said...

someone's been doing too many rubics at college...

PS i forgot to say that the scheme looks great!

Hallie Jo said...

does that mean we are making ads for our collections as well?

Innes said...

i meant RUBRICS

Piri Jenkins said...

Collections?! I was just planning on making ONE outfit!

Hallie Jo said...

I will probably have several things by the time thanksgiving rolls around and will probably bring them all...but i'm sure i will have a favorite.