Monday, November 24, 2008

Final entry

Wow, this blog keeps beating out all the others in my Google reader-- lots of posts! My turn, I guess. I loved that people had names for their items so I did my best. After all, titling is the best part of the creative process, right? For the show I'll be modeling the Rock Show Mini Dress and Sew What? Shrug, bundled up for the cold weather with the Lifesaver Jacket and Wooly Wrap-Around Boots, and topped off with a flower headband. Most of the pieces have been in the blog already, but the dress is a surprise! It's actually one of my favorite items in the summertime. See you all soon!

ETA: Do we need themes? I think mine would be catalog knock-offs, since most of what I make is inspired by envy and poverty. Maybe my theme is po/en/v/ert/y.

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