Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I just talked to Tara (and Haven) who are currently hacking is what we decided.

Since Lona may have to work, we will meet in the evening, about six o'clock at Tara's.
Jim will make spaghetti at some point, so we don't really need snacks unless we want them as appetizers.
There will be champange for the over 21s and sparkling cider for the under 21s.
Tara's friend will provide runway music for us.
If we want, as per Piri's suggestion, we can make banners out of the fabric scraps.
Everyone bring a cheap little prize (each person that is participating should bring one) and if you are so inclined, label it with a superlative, e.g. "most wearable"..."most haute couture"..."best use of tshirts". The grand prize will come from Gangang.
Please post a description of the outfit you are entering so I can make cards for the judges.
If anyone has any strong objections to Lona's rubric, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Oh, I was talking about this with Haven: Where exactly will the runway be? Maybe Tara has thought of this already, but there seem to be endless possibilities: the upstairs hallway, the downstairs hallway, the actual stairs...

If there is anything I've forgotten, let me know by commenting!


Lona said...

How about chairs set up at Tara's in the vicinity of the fuze ball table. A platform extends out from the foyer to the vicinty of Andelle's desk and the models do the runway down the stairs and out on the platform...
OK I know that platform part may be a little tricky...Can you make it out of the picnic table?

Hallie Jo said...

I was thinking the futon (or the area) could be the judges station. Maybe people could walk down the stairs?
I don't know.
I told Haven to figure it out.