Thursday, August 23, 2012

this year's challenge! 

head on out to the nearest thrift shop!

our day-after-thanksgiving challenge has been inspired by the refashionista blog (see rss feed at right)

the idea is that each participant searches for an item of clothing to be re-fashioned into something fun, fitting, and fashionable!  we haven't worked all the details out yet (like, how to swap the items--anonymously?  draw names?)

some suggestions for the clothing:  buy LARGE.  this gives you extra material to work with for maximum innovation.

post your other suggestions here!

i've got three very interesting dresses waiting already....


Lona said...

How about everyone who wants to be in buys a thrift store item suitable for refashioning and posts it. Others who are "in" can "bid" on it (within timeframe). The winner gets it and you ship it off - if no one bids you have to use that one yourself.

Leanna said...

I'm in!

Innes said...

interesting idea! i'll post photos of my items tomorrow and we'll see what happens!